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Practical Issues

Issue Group Topics

1.  Education

Resource person:  Anar Amin

2.  War and Peace

Resource person:  Dr Ferry Mamahit

3.  Family Dynamics

Resource person: Dr Georgina Jardim

4.  Power and Politics

Resource person:  Dr Richard McCallum

5.  Mission and  Da'wah

Resource person:  Motaz Al-Thaher

6.  Water resources

Resource person:  Dr Rana Abumounes

What will the Issue Groups do?

Stage 1:  Students study the resources provided

  • This can include a presentation from the resource person


Stage 2:  Students focus on a more specific issue relevant to one or more of their contexts.

  • This should include exploration of how the issue arises in the context

  • There will be a group dialogue on the issue


Stage 3:  Class presentation (1 hour)

  • The group presents the issue and their findings to the class, and facilitates class discussion

  • The group can choose how to present their issues.  It is advised that all members of the group should contribute to the presentation.  You may request your resource person to present something during the session.

  • You are encouraged to include some class interaction and discussion within your allocated hour.

  • Remember that you are teaching the group, and not trying to impress your teachers!


Stage 4:   Assignment

  • All students will submit an assignment related to the issue by April 14th.   A proposed title and brief outline of the nature of the assignment should be submitted by March 27th.

  • The assignment can be written, or in some electronic medium

  • Students may request permission for paired assignments – a Muslim and a Christian student working together (or maybe 2 Christians and a Muslim, given our numbers)

  • The academic level expected will depend on the academic level as which the student is currently working, and on whether this is the student’s first, second or third course with CMCS Houston.

  • Students have the option of a one-to-one tutorial to discuss their assignment

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